Zoning Enforcement Officer

A Zoning Enforcement Officer designated by the Mayor shall administer and enforce this Zoning Code. He may be provided with the assistance of such other persons as the Mayor may direct.


 Any zoning questions can be directed to:

Administrator – Zoning Enforcement Officer
937-295-3088 extension 102

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals has appellate jurisdiction as to decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer and original jurisdiction as to variances.  Appeals from decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer and applications for variances shall be made by Notice of Appeal Request Variance to the Zoning Board of Appeals, filed with the Village Clerk.

The zoning board consists of five members:

Contact Email Phone
Ted Daniels – Chairman Click Here To Email 937-295-3310
Matt Ratermann Click Here To Email 937-295-4206
Shelia Turner Click Here To Email 937-295-2333
Paula Barhorst Click Here To Email 937-295-3458
Rob Huddleston Click Here To Email 937-295-4229

Schedule of Fees

Description Fee
Water Tap Fee $675.00
Sanitary Tap Fee $500.00
Extra Water Meter $150.00
Application for a Conditional Use Permit $100.00
Substantially Similar Use Determination $100.00
Application for Zoning Permit (No Foundation) $25.00
Application for Zoning Permit $100.00
Application for Variance $100.00
Appeal $100.00
Application for Amendment to Zoning Code $100.00
Application for Amendment to Zoning Map $100.00

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