Fort Loramie Rescue Squad

260 North Main Street
Fort Loramie, OH 45845
Phone: 937-295-2980

Squad Chief - Scott Rodeheffer

Fort Loramie Rescue Squad is part paid, part volunteer and covers approximately 100 square miles consisting of the Village of Fort Loramie, Turtle Creek, and the majority of Cynthian and McLean townships. The squad consists of 26 members who function as emts, paramedics, and first responders who are on call for scheduled 12 or 24 hour shifts.
We have 3 vehicles, all on Ford chassis, powered by 7.3 liter diesel engines. The first two units are fully stocked and can transport multiple patients. The third unit carries the Jaws of Life for victim extrication, along with a set of airbags to lift a vehicle from on top of a victim. This vehicle also carries a 5,000-watt generator with quartz lights and additional extrication equipment.
On May 15, 2005, the squad dedicated its new building at 260 N. Main Street. This building was constructed to meet the growing needs of the community and organizations. An observer program is available for interested people so they can ride along and see what is involved with rescue operations. Call 937-295-2980 for details, or email