The Village of Fort Loramie receives its drinking water from 2 underground wells located in the Redskin Memorial Park at 605 East Park Street. The wells are 325 feet in depth with the well pumps operating at a depth of 160 feet. The current approved rating for each well is 280 gpm. The aquifer that supplies drinking water to the Village of Fort Loramie is a confined aquifer and has a low susceptibility to contamination. At a minimum, 98 feet of low permeability deposits exist between the ground surface and the aquifer which act as a barrier. This does not mean that this well field cannot become contaminated, only that the likelihood of contamination is relatively low.


The water is stored in two modern, above ground water towers; one holding 100,000 gallons, the other 500,000 gallons. The current water treatment plant is designed for 338,000 gallons per day.  Present average is 130,000 gallons per day.



The Village of Fort Loramie maintains the sewage collection system thought out the Village. This is a gravity flow system that flows to a lift station at the north end of the Village. From there waste is pumped to the Shelby County Sewer District Wastewater Treatment facility on Canal Rd.  It contains flow monitoring, fine screening, Bio Lac aerated lagoon, UV disinfection, sludge storage and drying beds. The plant is designed so that it has future expansion capabilities. This is a conventional sewage treatment plant with a design capacity of 400,000 gallons per day. The current dry weather average treatment is 300,000 gallons per day.

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